What is it?

It’s a carry-on suitcase, obviously. But it’s also a bit more than that. The Ramverk Pro marks Db's first foray into hard luggage. Founded by backcountry ski maven Jon Olsson and engineer Truls Brataas, the Norwegian company has gone from strength to strength in the outdoor market, revolutionising the way we travel to surf, snowboard and ski. Now they’ve set their sights on a larger target - travellers who want a nice bit of kit rolling alongside them. This hard-case is just that.

The Ramverk Pro has been designed to fit into the overhead compartment of commercial airline cabins and certainly looks the part. For anyone searching for a top-shelf carry-on that marries functionality with form, the Ramverk Pro could easily be your final destination.

Why do I need it?

When it comes to utility, the Ramverk Pro fires on all cylinders. Japanese Hinomoto 360° spinner wheels glide like butter and are as muffled as a John Wick silencer. An aluminium frame recalls travel classics such as RIMOWA’s Original, but with its own adventure-forward character that stands out from the herd: it’s been given a polycarbonate shell to ensure that it’s as light as it is durable.

The action on the latches is borderline addictive. They come complete with built-in numerical locks. Push the square silver button and they spring open with an almost hydraulic whoosh. For any Marie Kondos out there, Db will suit the most exacting organisation obsessive. The luggage comes complete with an internal laptop pocket and, with its bulletproof exterior, will do a handy job at keeping delicate tech untouched. It’s also eminently reachable, and alongside its split opening and savvy placement of pockets, you can rest easy that airport security will be as seamless and breezy as possible.

Should I buy it?

Coming in at £549 for the Ramverk Pro Carry-on, Db aren’t exactly giving them away. However, for something of this quality it’s an incredibly competitive price when compared to industry leaders. It’s been triple-awarded for good reason, taking down design plaudits running the gamut from Red Dot to Doga. Having taken it on trains, planes and automobiles, we can honestly say that there’s something 007-adjacent about wheeling this piece of kit into your next stop.

£549; dbjourney.com