Rapha Commuter Jacket: gear review

High-end road cycling brand Rapha is making big inroads to everyday bikers with its new Commuter Jacket

Rapha Commuter Jacket

Rapha Commuter Jacket: What is it?

The does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name is a bit of a giveaway, but the cult cycling brand’s waterproof and highly visible Commuter Jacket is a bit of a dark horse. Its excellent water-shedding properties, great looks and some neat features mean it’ll happily double as your go-to waterproof for non-cycling days and your travels, too.

Rapha Commuter Jacket: Why do I need it?

If you live in the UK and spend a decent amount of time getting around by bike, you’re going to need something to keep the rain off that doesn’t soak you with sweat from the inside, and it won’t hurt if it also gets you seen. The traditional day-glo commuter jacket is, however, a pretty dull bit of kit, so enter cycling stylists Rapha, whose latest contribution to the commuter cyclist’s wardrobe armoury is a thing of (modest) beauty.

Unlike much of the brand’s output, the Commuter Jacket isn’t cut super-slim for road racing whippets – instead, it’s made to fit over regular clothing, with hand pockets on the front (rather than the back) and a snug-fitting hood. There are plenty of clever features for cyclists, though, including a chin-friendly offset zip, sleeves long enough that they don’t ride up when you’re stretched out on the bike, and reflective details on the lower back. It also comes in tastefully high-vis colours like chartreuse (AKA vivid yellow), pink, and orange, though if those sound a bit lairy there’s a more subtle (though obviously less visible) black version.

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Rapha Commuter Jacket: Should I buy it?

If you need a jacket that’ll keep you dry on your bike, that looks good enough to wear off it, and is a handy just-in-case addition to your holiday packing, this one’s for you. Rapha has a reputation for producing spenny gear for dedicated road cyclists, but the Commuter Jacket shifts things into slightly more affordable, more mainstream territory without drifting off-brand. We expect ours to see plenty of use, in and out of the saddle.

Rapha Commuter Jacket is available for men and women, and costs £