Aclima WarmWool Hooded Sweater: what is it?

A versatile hooded sweater for high-output activities in the cold, made by a Norwegian outfitter that values sustainability, comfort and the beauty of the outdoors above all else. It's equally comfortable as a baselayer for skiing, snowmobiling or mountaineering out on the continent as it is for hiking, cycling and running during the coldest of winters back in the UK. Made entirely from traceable, recyclable and responsibly produced wool, its a solid ethical option, too.

Aclima WarmWool Hooded Sweater: why do I need it?

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When it comes to hitting the trails or heading out into the backcountry come wintertime, you want kit that's gonna keep you warm when you're stood still, breathe when you're on the move and wick away sweat before it starts to get chilly: this merino baselayer will do just that, with the added benefit that you can use it for almost any activity thanks to a number of adaptable features. A half-zip front means you can get airflow if you're hot, while an adaptable hood means you can go unhooded, hooded or fitted with a full over-the-face balaclava when things get seriously chilly. Inbuilt thumb loops give you the option of covering your hands, while the hoodie's zippable front pouch lets you store your phone and tech close to the body to stop the cold depleting the battery.

Aclima WarmWool Hooded Sweater: should I buy it?

For its soft-next-to-skin comfort, rugged build quality and clever multi-functionality, the £100+ price tag is worth it. Add in the fact that the wool – Aclima's proprietary WarmWool merino – is the lightest it can be while still giving you the warmth you need, as well as the fact it's treated with a tumble-dryer-friendly coating, and you're onto a winner.

The Aclima WarmWool Hooded Sweater is available for £109.95 at Nordic Outdoor. Shop the full Aclima range at