Picture this: you wake up to endless sea views. The only noise is the rustling of the trees. You have everything you need to hand – a kitchen to cook breakfast, a roof over your head, and all the comfortable mod cons. Later on, you’ll hit the road in search of another picture perfect spot to sleep for the night. Nope – you’re not in a budget-busting waterfront hotel. Nor are you Airbnb hopping – you’re on an adventure in a Roadsurfer campervan.

Holidays are undoubtedly one of the best parts of life, and yet, they simultaneously go hand in hand with some of the biggest stresses – airport queues, expensive hotels and a fairly mega amount of to-ing and fro-ing. And while much is to be said about the sunnier climes of destinations abroad, here in the UK we are in possession of some incredible holiday spots – from sprawling cities to jaw-dropping areas of outstanding beauty – and Roadsurfer campervan hire can get you a front row seat to them all.

Park up for the night at the head of some of the country’s best hiking trails and be the first to ascend hills before the day-tripping hordes arrive. Rest your head directly above one of Cornwall’s best surf breaks, and check the conditions from the comfort of your bed. Set your coordinates for somewhere and let yourself be redirected to something you discover along the way – with no hotel reservations and a home on wheels, you can literally follow the road and see where your nose takes you.

#Vanlife has boomed in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Freedom to follow the road, the ability to sniff out off the beaten track spots free from major development and the peace that comes with avoiding holiday hotspots, it is the exact antithesis to modern tourism, and exactly the kind of adventure that we all seem to be seeking. With Roadsurfer campervans, the idea is to make this adventure as easy as possible, with unlimited miles, a free second driver, all camping equipment included and even the ability to hop on over to Europe should you please. Their vans range from the iconic VW California Ocean with popup roof for extra headroom, to the family size motorhome with an indoor warm shower and toilet and enough space for the kids – proving that anyone can vanlife. We’ll catch you on the open road.

For more information visit roadsurfer.com/uk, or follow the vanlife adventure on Instagram @roadsurfer. For direct bookings visit booking.roadsurfer.com.