Patagonia Capilene Air hoody: what is it?

A high-tech yet super-snuggly hoody from the characteristically innovative Californian outdoors brand. It insulates even when it gets wet, dries in a flash and stays pong free, even if you wear it day after day – making this a go-to item for any snow-based adventures you've got lined up. The secret is a blend of New Zealand merino wool (responsibly sourced, natch) and Capilene recycled polyester, which keeps things light, stretchy and seriously comfortable. What's more, the clue is in the name – the hoody weighs in at an airy 164g, which is way lighter than traditional wool yarn.

Patagonia Capilene Air hoody: why do I need it?

If you're planning to go anywhere cold anytime soon, you need this in your suitcase. Hell, we've even been using it to cycle around London in the recent Arctic temperatures, and it's done the job very nicely indeed, keeping us toasty but never too hot.

Patagonia Capilene Air hoody: Should I buy it?

For cold weather adventures, maximum cosiness and even if you really just dislike getting chilly, this hoody is a no brainer. This is also one for you if you're wanting to boost your eco-cred: Patagonia's recycled polyester is made out of recycled plastic soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out garments (including the brand's own) to produce the fibres that go into many of its new clothes. What's more, Patagonia promotes fair labour practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility, so you know you're buying something that does good, too. Check out the brand's Footprint Chronicles, where you can see exactly where your hoody was made. And, at the end of the day, you should buy it just so you can rock the, erm, stylish balaclava-like hood at any given opportunity.

Patagonia's Capilene Air hoody costs £140.