Fitbit Versa smartwatch: what is it?

The latest foray into smartwatches by Fitbit is an all-round fitness tracking machine that'll get you in better shape without you even noticing it. With intelligent step, heart rate, elevation and sleep tracking straight out of the box, all you need to do is set yourself targets and leave the Versa to coax you into better habits. And that's before you even get onto the watch functions: the time (duh), smart payments, weather, news headlines, text notifications and storage for roughly 300 tunes played via bluetooth. The battery lasts for about four days, too. Not bad.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch: why do I need it?

When it comes to keeping fit, it can be hard to trust yourself for motivation. The Fitbit Versa is like having a friendly personal trainer on your wrist, without the whole small-talking, guilt-tripping vibe. The watch comes preloaded with short workouts to keep you keep trim, plus connected GPS tracking (via your smartphone) that’ll help you reach your peak while running, cycling, swimming, hiking, doing weights or pretty much anything you fancy. It'll also measure cardio zones, sleep cycles and nag you to do 250 steps an hour from 9-6, so you don't stay glued to your desk all day. If you really fancy it, you can even download additional apps to start logging your water consumption or check surf reports right from you wrist. Oh, and it's compatible with Strava, too. Yep, this thing’s exhaustive.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch: should I buy it?

Despite the bevy of functions we just reeled off, this doesn’t come with quite the same number of apps as the Apple Watch. Nor does it have the ability to track fitness out in the great outdoors quite as well as a top-end Garmin or Suunto, but for the busy city dweller looking to max their active minutes and get fit without being too nerdy about it, this is an absolute shoo-in. As far as day-to-day tracking and apps go – NFC payments, notifications, built-in workouts and mindfulness exercises – you've got more than you'll ever need.

The Fitbit Versa watch is available now from £199.99. A variety of customisable straps, including metal link, leather and woven [pictured] are available from £