Columbia SH/FT OutDry hiking trainer: what is it?

A comfy, waterproof trainer that'll carry you from grungy city streets right through to trails, hills and beyond – and a trainer that's appropriately winter-ready, with Columbia's Outdry waterproof lining and full-grain leather overlays. Cushy, waterproof knit hiking shoes like these have been high on the agenda for a lot of outdoor brands over the last year or so (we're looking at you Adidas Free Hiker), and Columbia's first entry into the foray does a pretty good job.

Columbia SH/FT OutDry hiking trainer: why do I need it?

You read that right above: despite being a knitted shoe, the SH/FT is fully waterproof, which is an absolute boon for outdoor-curious city dwellers who don't fancy shelling out on a pair of hiking boots (or wearing anything that clunky) for their trips out of the city at the weekend. It's small, but reasonably aggressive soles lugs give you ample grip on slippery rock and through mud, and the knit itself is incredibly abrasion resistant, so they won't get shredded like a regular pair of trainers might.

Columbia SH/FT OutDry hiking trainer: should I buy it?

If you fall neatly in the middle of a trainer culture and outdoor culture venn diagram, the SH/FT's Huarache-esque build and statement colourways will probably tick a fair few boxes, toeing the line between vintage hiker and 90s-style streetwear. The functionality is pretty great, too – the knit is breathable, the soles are grippy and the waterproofing gives you way more outdoor miles than your average pairs of Nikes. If you're looking for a high-functioning pair of hikers, though, you'd do better with a more out-and-out hiking boot as this won't give the same level of support on longer, more demanding excursions. Handily, the SH/FT also comes in an Outdry hi-top boot, as well as a full-grain leather hiker, so you if you're looking for something more serious, you might fancy those instead.

Columbia SH/FT OutDry™ Mid Shoe is available from £135.