Brunton Pulse 1500 charger, £30

The Brunton Pulse charger is so diminutive you probably won't even notice you need it until the crucial moment when your phone runs out of battery half way up a mountain. The good thing is that it works equally well for a long night on the tiles.

GoPro HERO3+, around £240

If adventure to you means abseiling, skydiving or basically anything more hardcore than walking, get yourself the latest GoPro. The Hero3+ is the lightest model yet with a better lens and video mode to capture you doing something ridiculous.

Heimplanet The Cave tent, £450

It's a common problem: hike for miles, and can't find a hotel. Obviously, the solution is an inflatable tent. The Heimplanet Cave tent might look like something out of the Crystal Maze but it's light and stable, making it the ideal travel companion.