Panasonic A100 wearable camcorder, £299.99

If the only reason you've never done a skydive is that you'd have no way to record it, get a new excuse. Strap the new Panasonic A10 camcorder to your head and get filming (while skydiving, abseiling, basejumping), in stunning high definition no less.

Google Glass, £tbc

These aren't your regular prescription pair from Dolland & Aitchison, oh no. Google Glass, which is rumoured to be released to the public later this year, takes (and uploads) photos, beams you travel information in real time and supports apps. You'll basically be superman wearing them.

Nike+ FuelBand, from £129

This neon fitness wristband is equally at home measuring your heart rate while you're out clubbing or pounding the pavements. The Nike+ FuelBand tracks the activity and connects it to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, giving you ultimate bragging rights when it comes to your morning run.