Yep, it's that time of the year again – the one where people get merry, snow definitely doesn't start to fall and you squeeze smiles out of an amazing array of friends, acquaintances and obscure family members with gifts and great grub. But with such variety (and so many options) you can end up a little bit stumped when it comes to gift giving.

Before you frantically go all-Amazon-everything, take a quick look at our 15 top gifts for the traveller in your life this festive season. For travel lovers, a great gifts can be big or small – functional or frivolous, and that's why we've rounded up the most wonderful, gorgeous and (occasionally) most practical presents on the market this year. From adventurous uncles and beach-loving brothers to nieces and nephews who haven't quite got the knack for packing, there's something for everyone this Christmas. Check out the list below.

Gifts for the adventurer

Under £25: Crumpled City Maps

Crumpled City Maps

Google Maps is great and all, but there's something nice about having a physical map you can look at on the go. And it's even better when you don't have to fold it intricately back into your bag every time you're done with it. Enter: Crumpled City Maps – a soft yet sizeable map that you can stuff in your pocket with ease. Not only does it point out some of the best-loved tourist spots around each city (there are more than 50 available), but each map has a curated selection of 10 Soulsights, too – each of which is an alternative sight that's set to inspire the modern traveller. Oh, and they're tough, waterproof and almost indestructible, too. £11;

Under £50: Fjallraven Byron hat

If Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven is good at one thing, it's knowing how to make a piece of clothing that'll stand up to the frigid Scandinavian winter. As a result, this beanie – made entirely of double-knitted wool – will serve you well whatever the British winter throws at you. Another thing it's good at is using sustainable materials, whether that's wool sourced from Swedish sheep or spill and surplus fabric from the Italian wool industry, so this hat is every bit as good as it looks. £35;

Blow the budget: goTenna

goTenna smart antenna

Fact: 127 hours would never have happened if James Franco had a goTenna. This smart antenna pairs with your smartphone and lets you message people (and share your location) with other goTennas within four miles, so you can stay safe and keep in contact in places where there's no mobile signal. For the less adventurous, it's a great way to download offline maps, and to avoid roaming charges when you lose your mates abroad, too. Smart. £199;

Gifts for the beach bum

Under £25: Bohemia hammam towel

Light, soft, absorbent, quick-drying… We never thought we'd say this, but we're getting pretty excited about this towel, which also conveniently packs super small. Oh, and you can turn it into a dress or a skirt as a poolside cover-up, or use it as a scarf or a blanket on chilly plane journeys, too. £24;

Under £50: ice cream ping pong set

Ice cream ping pong

OK, so a ping pong set that looks like a pair of ice creams sounds a bit extra, but hear us out. It'll provide hours of fun, might help you make new friends (although we can't guarantee that), kinda give you a workout, and when you get back from your holiday you'll be able to thrash all your friends with your newly acquired ping pong tekkers. £32.99;

Blow the Budget: Slyde hand boards

Slyde handboard

Prepare to test out your agility and your dignity with these travel-friendly handboards from Slyde. Simply strap securely to your hand, wade on in and, er, you'll be catching waves in no time. Note: we can't actually guarantee it'll be that easy, but we can guarantee it'll be fun. £46.75-£155.95;

Gifts for the fitness freak

Under £25: Decathlon Domyos Exercise bands

Yes, we're really suggesting you buy your loved ones a gigantic elastic band for Christmas. And, no: you won't regret it. These elastic training bands – part of Decathlon's Domyos range of fitness kit – will help turn any park or hotel room into a gym, giving resistance levels from 15 to 60kg, then packing down small enough to fit in your backpack when you're done. From £5.99;

Under £50: Yoga Paws

After a long flight or a day at the wheel of a car, yoga does wonders for both mind and body. But when you're travelling light, it's basically impossible to squeeze in a full-size yoga mat alongside all the other essentials. That's why Yoga Paws are the perfect gift: sure, they might make you look a little strange, but they'll probably only wear these hand and foot pads for on-the-go yoga in the confines of the Airbnb anyway. From £32.

Blow the budget: Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge 3

Get that special someone ready for #NewYearNewMe by gifting this swanky, updated fitness tracking watch this festive season. As well as tracking your fitness, sleep and more, you can get smart notifications, make payments and quick reply to messages (Android only) right from your wrist, cheaper than almost any other smartwatch. £129.99;

Gifts for the eco-warrior

Under £25: Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 soap

Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 rose soap

There is quite literally nothing that Dr Bronner's castile soap doesn't do. Wash your hair with it, mop your floor with it, brush your teeth with it, wash your dog/clothes with it… The list is endless. It's biodegradable, too, and the rose version smells absolutely delightful. It also comes in a convenient travel size for washing hair, clothes and body while you're on hols. £19.49;

Under £50: House of Marley Chant Mini

House of Marley No Bounds speaker

House of Marley's dinky-but-powerful speaker is made in a socially responsible manner, with recyclable aluminium, blended bio-plastic, bamboo and recycled fabric. These are all very important things, of course, but it's also got decent sound, and is splash resistant, so it's winning on all fronts. £29.99;

Blow the budget: Patagonia Black Hole duffel

Patagonia Black Hole duffel

Tough, good-looking, water-repellent… Patagonia's classic Black Hole duffel already ticks our boxes for everything we'd want from a bag. But there's more to the story, because Patagonia promotes fair labour practices, safe working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout its supply chain, too. £70;

Gifts for The bad packer

Under £25: Go Travel Worldwide USB Charger

Smartphone: Check. Tablet: Check. Easy-to-pack adapter that'll charge your devices in pretty much every country around the globe? Check – but only if they've got this bit of kit from Go Travel. Without getting two techy about things, this'll charge up to four devices at once, but use the two fast-charging ports for a quick blitz on the go. Oh we do love a functional gift. £24.99;

Under £50: Herschel Standard Issue Travel System

Forget about rolling, folding and sitting on your carry-on until it zips up, this super convenient (and great looking) set of packing cubes is sure to upgrade any traveller's luggage rack, and make the most of every inch of space you have in your bag. The set comes with three packing cubes, plus a dry bag for wet swimmers, towels or mucky shoes. Need. £45;

Blow the budget: Samsonite Pixon spinner

This case isn't just rock solid, scratch resistant and super roomy despite its cabin-size build: it also comes complete with an inbuilt luggage scale, meaning you won't ever get stung at the boarding gate again. Amen to that. £219;