Fjallraven Ulvo Backpack: What is it?

A true all-conditions daypack that does the job, yet looks so good you wouldn’t think it could . Using a new type of fabric called Bergshell, Sweden-based brand Fjallraven (of Kanken fame) has created a super durable, totally waterproof backpack without forcing you to buy into the whole heavy-duty-nylon, basically-a-trawlerman-now vibe of similar bags. Think trendy Swedish looks with all the functionality you'd expect from a country that has a culture embedded in the outdoors.

Fjallraven Ulvo Backpack: Why do I need it?

In a word: Bergshell. This new technical fabric from Fjallraven is a unique type of incredibly tear-resistant nylon with a completely waterproof lining. The weave is flat and pleasingly soft to touch, and some clever engineering means you don't lose any abrasion resistance for that luxury. Inside, you've got a 15” padded laptop sleeve that’s slightly raised off the bottom of the bag to stop you bumping it on the floor when you put it down. On the outside there are non-waterproof stow pockets for bottles and valuables, while a loop for bike lights and a reflective logo make it great for cycle commutes.

Fjallraven Ulvo Backpack: Should I buy it?

If you're looking for a rolltop backpack with an outline that'll serve you from the office to the furthest flung of destinations, absolutely. If you're willing to sacrifice the dry bag goodness of a rolltop for an even sleeker line, you could give the zippered version a go – but we quite like the single-clip rolltop, which creates a nice croissant-shaped handle to pick the bag up with. Either way, the Ulvo is a great bag that'll serve you for days out almost anywhere, and is made from 31% recycled nylon, too.

The Fjallraven Ulvo Rolltop 23 backpack is available for £