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Fjallraven Singi winter jacket: gear review

We review a snug, stylish new parka from the iconic Swedish brand that'll take you from your commute to the pub to weekend adventures with ease

Fjallraven Singi jacket

Fjallraven Singi Winter Jacket: What is it?

A light, lined trekking jacket with a lovely long cut, from the makers of the beloved Kanken rucksack. Made with the brand's trademark eye for fashion and functionality, the Singi is light enough to suit city escapades but will equally withstand a cold, wet, blustery hike thanks to top-notch materials and thoughtful design.

Fjallraven Singi Winter Jacket: Why do I need it?

Let's face it: it's getting colder out there. It's also getting wetter, which means it's time to say goodbye to your beloved battered denim jacket for the year and say hello to high-tech, water-resistant, insulated parkas and coats. Enter the Fjallraven Singi Winter jacket, which is made with the brand's trademark G1000 material – a hard-wearing, densely woven fabric that's wind-resistant yet breathable, and that you can scale up to suit your needs by adding a coat of Fjallraven's Greenland Wax. The wired storm hood has a removable synthetic fur trim for extra cosiness while plenty of pockets are placed conveniently so you can still access them, even when you're wearing a massive backpack. The coat is cut to allow plenty of room for snuggly jumpers underneath, too. Clever.

Fjallraven Singi Winter Jacket: Should I buy it?

If you're looking for the length, look and weather resistance of a full-length parka, but don't want something that's gonna leave you in pools of sweat the moment you start moving (or get on the Tube), absolutely. The Singi – which comes in a bunch of cool colours, from understated olive to a smart dark grey – looks good, too: sling this baby on and your commute suddenly looks a hell of a lot less miserable. And ladies, there's no need to get jealous – there's a women's version of the jacket, as well.

The Singi Winter Jacket is available for £375. For more information and to buy, go to